Welcome to the Central European Gathering of Women Farmers 2015!

For the first time ever, we are bringing together young women farmers from central Europe, members of WWOOF network to share and learn, aiming to highlight the important role of women farmers in the process of diversification and transition to sustainable agriculture based on resources.


The economic structure of rural areas is highly dependent on the primary sector and the exploitation of natural resources. The economic status of rural women is unfavourable, and the access to services for strengthening the economic participation is extremely limited. There is a lack of education, and skills among women. Their economic standard is constantly getting worse because the uncompetitive prices of their products in comparison with the prices of large market-dominant corporate chains. This is aggravated by the intensive use of pesticides, which further increase the cost of production. The development potential of agriculture is seen as turning to organic and other alternatives to intensive agriculture, as well as in producers’ gathering.

During five days in Serbia, women farmers from Austria, Bosnia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania and Serbia will go through a series of presentations and workshops aiming to:

  • Exchange organic farming experience and knowledge
  • Increase understanding of organic products marketing and the market trends
  • Increase knowledge and sharing of experience in producers’ networking in associations/cooperatives
  • Present individual farms and develop new products
  • Learn about organic farming at Stara Planina.

This way, women farmers empower each other and increase the use of own resources for personal welfare, the welfare of their families and the entire community and nature.

This year’s CE Women Farmers Gathering theme is “Co-operatives” and it is supported by the Central European Initiative (CEI) Cooperation Fund. Partners are global Federation of WWOOF Organisations and Pirot Municipality.



CE Gathering of Women Farmers 2015 is organized by non-profit civil organization from Serbia “Amma – Centre for the Care of People and Nature“. Amma’s mission is to help create a more sustainable and respectful way of living by awakening virtues through selfless service for the people with a vision of world where Humans live as part of Nature, not separate from It.

WWOOF_ Serbia-web_logo

CE Gathering of Women Farmers 2015 is part of the “WWOOF Serbia” programme that links volunteers with sustainable households in Serbia to promote cultural and educational experiences based on trust and non-monetary exchange.


The word “amma” means “mother” in Sanskrit, and, like a mother cares for her children, so Amma wishes to affirm the concept of care for people and nature in contrast to the way in which natural and human resources are currently managed.


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