Organic Food in Serbia

Organic food means “Healthy Living!”.

Throughout the long history of human civilisation man took his food from nature. However 20th century saw a fast development of technology in agriculture and therefore also mass utilisation artificial inputs. The organic farming movement emerged in response to this trend and is now known by the name Green Revolution. Many countries in the world have already gone a long way in developing organic farming and see it as their future. The production of organic, healthy and nutritius food, has for a long time now been the rality of farming in Serbia and this process will continue in Serbia’s future. Therefore Serbia can realy be called Organic Food Country.

“When a table groaning with fresh organic food & products prepared according to traditional recipes is accompanied by a journey into the country – still unrevealed and almost intact – it is a sufficient reason for one to wish to reveal a healthy, green & hospitable country – Serbia, the country in which people greet each other exchanging the two words: Zdravo živo ! (‘Healthy alive’).”


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