After the deadline

All seats are taken after the first call!

Even though the deadline for the call was limited, all seats for the Central European Women Farmers Gathering 2015 are taken. We received more registrations than expected. Also, we have received calls from similar organisations from Europe being interested in the CEWFG outcome.

Under a slogan “We, the farmers!”, more than 20 women farmers from central Europe will gather aiming to highlight the important role of women farmers in the process of diversification and transition to sustainable agriculture based on resources for personal welfare, the welfare of their families and the entire community and nature. Participants are expected from Italy, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, and Serbia. During next days, we’ll be publiching their stories. Some of the participants are coming with their families so we are happy that we’ll host some children as well.

Final programme will be published by the August 28th.

More speakers are expected soon.

Make sure to follow our blog and Facebook event for more information coming.


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